Our Goal

The goal of the MIT Synthetic Intelligence project is to reveal how the brain computes intelligence, at a fundamental and mechanistic level. In order to do this, we must be able to probe brain functions at physiological, structural, and molecular levels, in a scalable fashion.

The principles that emerge will guide the design of new brain disorder treatments and even neural prosthetics, yield insights into new kinds of artificial intelligence, and provide fundamental insights into the human condition. The project, launched in June 2012, is initially focused on implementing the toolbox required to enable discovery of fundamental mechanisms of brain operation.

Housed physically in the MIT Media Lab and the MIT McGovern Institute, and conducted in partnership with the MIT Synthetic Neurobiology Group and the Brain Sciences Foundation, the Synthetic Intelligence project is directed by Ed Boyden and Newton Howard, and involves a great number of collaborators in academia, the non-profit sector, and industry working together to achieve this ambitious goal. We are always seeking to partner with additional collaborators to synthesize novel ideas, tools, and approaches to tackling these difficult problems of the brain.